Professor Bruine de Bruin featured on The Why Factor

On Tuesday 7 May, Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Professor with University Leadership Chair in Behavioural Decision Making, was interviewed for The Why Factor, part of BBC World Service

In this episode of The Why Factor, Professor Bruine de Bruin, who is also the Director of the Centre for Decision Research, Subject Group Leader of Decision Research and Deputy Director of the Priestly International Centre for Climate, joins presenter Sandra Kenthal to examine why we find it so hard to cut our losses, when something goes wrong.

Realising when we should cut our losses is a decision making skill that’s important in all areas of our lives. On the topic of sunk cost bias, Professor Bruine de Bruin comments: “It affects all kind of decisions, any decision where we have committed time or money. It involves financial decisions, but also relationships where we have invested time and effort personally.”

Listen to Professor Bruine de Bruin from 6 minutes