Making medical decisions better together: the decision scientist, the patient and the health professional.

This is a Centre for Decision Research (CDR) Seminar taking place at Leeds University Business School on Wednesday 31 January 2018.

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You are invited to the Inaugural Lecture to be given by Professor Hilary Louise Bekker, Chair of Medical Decision Making, School of Medicine – University of Leeds.

This Inaugural Lecture is co-hosted between the School of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Health) and the Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School

Hilary Bekker (PhD) is Professor of Medical Decision Making in the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS), School of Medicine. Her expertise is in using decision science to understand how people make healthcare choices, and what boosts, or biases, people’s treatment decisions. She collaborates with health professionals and patients to design and evaluate resources to help people make more reasoned treatment decisions. Hilary has been part of the undergraduate medical degree (MBChB) multi-disciplinary team since taking up her Psychology lectureship in 2001 to co-deliver the Individuals and Population course. She is currently Head of Year 1 - MBChB, and LIHS Lead for Student Education.

Hilary was awarded a BSc (1st) in Psychology (Middlesex Polytechnic, 1990), an MSc in Health Psychology (University College London, 1994) and a PhD in Decision Making and Prenatal Diagnosis (University of Leeds, 1999). She was the research fellow on three projects between 1990-1998 applying psychology to screening and treatment choices, and the Health Psychology lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences - University of York (1999-2001). She is a Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a member of the International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) collaboration, and an International Trustee for the Society of Medical Decision Making (2016-2019).

Refreshments will be available from 2.30pm and after 4.00pm at the conclusion of the lecture.

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