H3: Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people

Photograph of a fruit and vegetable stand.


The H3 programme is one of four research consortia funded by the £47.5M ‘Transforming UK Food System for Healthy People and a Healthy Environment SPF Programme’ delivered by UKRI, in partnership with the Global Food Security Programme, BBSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, Defra, DHSC, PHE, Innovate UK and FSA.

It aims to fundamentally transform the UK food system by placing healthy people and a healthy natural environment at its centre, addressing questions around what we should eat, produce and manufacture and what we should import, taking into account the complex interactions between health, environment and socioeconomic factors.

By co-designing research and training across disciplines and stakeholders, and joining up healthy and accessible consumption with sustainable food production and supply, this Programme will deliver coherent evidence to enable concerted action from policy, business and civil society.

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Work Package (WP) 5 - Increased Fibre Consumption – and WP6 - Disrupted Supply Chains – are being led and delivered by researchers at the University of Leeds.

Members from Leeds University Business School are part of the WP6 team, seeking to increase food system resilience in supply chains to economic, health and environmental shocks, through collaborative research with retailers and consumers. 

Dates: January 2023 to December 2025
Co-investigator and WP 6 Lead: William Young, Professor of Sustainability and Business (School of Earth and Environment).
WP6 Co-investigatorsGulbanu Kaptan, Associate Professor in Behavioural Decision Making (Leeds University Business School); Anne Tallontire, Professor of Sustainability and Business (School of Earth and Environment); Phani Kumar Chintakayala, Senior Research Fellow (Leeds University Business School).