Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh

I undertook a PhD in Accounting at the University of Leeds in the mid-1990s.  Kevin Keasey and Phil Moon had been recommended to me as experts in the experimental method I wished to use to examine the impact on decision-making of the framing of uncertainty in annual reports.  They were both excellent supervisors.  I always felt comfortable with the people and the place at Leeds.  Kevin made wooden furniture in his spare time and his office had interesting chairs and tables which he had made himself.  This to me is a metaphor for my Leeds experience.  There was something like that furniture in the Accounting and Finance Department at Leeds, something solid and supportive.  I will always be grateful for that support.  I am glad and not surprised to see that Leeds is going from strength to strength as one of the leading accounting and finance departments in the UK.