MSc Economics / MSc Economics & Finance event

An event to enhance global insight and cultural awareness.

MSc Economics/ MSc Economics & Finance students and alumni are invited to this open, inclusive and informal event, which primarily aims to enhance global insight and cultural awareness.

As part of a preliminary discussion, Dr Andrew Mearman, Director of Student Education and Trustee on the Executive Council for the Association for Social Economics, will join us for a brief perspective on pluralism in economics and will comment on its relevance in the current environment, both in Leeds and beyond.

Following this, a number of Masters students will be sharing their international experiences and insights into historic and contemporary developments around the world -- from Europe to Asia, Africa and South America.

The discussion will be wide-ranging, covering topics such as the comparative advantages of regional economies in terms of trade, employment and technology; and the role of contemporary economic policies in addressing critical problems that prevail internationally and intra-nationally, as in underdevelopment, exclusion and inequality.

Light refreshments will be served.

For further information, please contact Dr Peter Phelps at