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Kate Hardy

A team from the universities of Leeds and Bristol have been awarded funding to assess the impact of coronavirus on early years childcare provision in the UK.

Caroline Bentham

Caroline Bentham, economics researcher at Leeds University Business School, was asked by BBC Radio 4 to comment on the Bank’s decision to buy up Government bonds and what the impact could be.

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On 20 November Dr Jana Javornik commented in an article published in The Independent titled ‘Equal Pay Day 2020: What is the gender pay gap and how is it different from equal pay?’.

Elizabeth L. Rose

Professor Elizabeth L. Rose, Chair in International Business, has been appointed as Co-editor of a new Academy of Management (AOM) journal: Academy of Management Collections.

Surender Munjal

In October, Surender Munjal, Associate Professor of International Business, was invited by the Indian government as an expert to discuss how India could use entrepreneurship for growth.