CERIC members participate in ReWAGE House of Commons event

Professors Irena Grugulis and Chris Forde were in Westminster on 25 October 2022 participating in the 'Renewing Work Advisory Group of Experts' event.

CERIC members Professor Irena Grugulis and Professor Chris Forde were at Portcullis House at the House of Commons in Westminster on 25 October 2022, participating in the Renewing Work Advisory Group of Experts (ReWAGE) event held there in partnership with the APPG for Business Resilience.

The Co-Chairs of ReWAGE Professor Irena Grugulis and Professor Chris Warhurst (University of Warwick), were pleased to welcome MPs, representatives from the House of Lords and colleagues from the CIPD, the Institute for Hospitality, the Corporation of London and the Gatsby Foundation.

The event showcased ReWAGE’s work and publications, including the ReWAGE 1-page explainer

Professor Chris Forde spoke about a recent report he had helped to co-write with fellow CERIC member Dr Gabriella Alberti, along with Madeleine Sumption and Peter Walsh on UK Labour Shortages. This was produced by the Migration Observatory, at Oxford University in partnership with ReWAGE.  

ReWAGE is an independent expert advisory group, co-chaired by Warwick and Leeds Universities and which focuses on the recovery and renewal of work and employment in the UK as it tackles the economic impact of Covid-19. It supports the government’s ‘build back better’ and ‘levelling up’ agendas by providing evidence to enable a strategic response to jobs’ recovery and renewal.  

CERIC played a founding role in the establishment of ReWAGE, providing some initial funding for the group's activities, along with the University of Warwick. Core funding for ReWage is now provided by the ESRC. Six members of CERIC are part of ReWAGE as co-chairs, experts and/or sub-group members. They are Professor Irena Grugulis, Professor Mark Stuart, Professor Vera Trappmann, Professor Chris Forde, Dr Gabriella Alberti and Dr Simon Joyce.