Professor Gregor Gall comments on new anti-strike legislation

Professor Gregor Gall has shared his thoughts on Liz Truss' promise to usher in a new crackdown on strikes within 30 days of winning the Tory leadership election.

Writing for independent media organisation Novara Media, Professor Gall suggests that the newly appointed prime minister and her party are attempting to ‘neuter the unions so they are left looking weak’, rather than putting forward a blanket ban that they can rally against.

This comes as Truss promises to increase the notice period unions must give before taking action, from 14 days to 28, allowing employers more time to make counter-preparations. She also wants to increase the threshold needed to make a ‘yes’ vote lawful, and expand the scope of this second support threshold stipulation from certain public services to apply to any strike ballot, whether in the public or private sectors.

Professor Gall commented:

Whether Truss makes good on her 30-day promise or not, her particular blend of egotism along with a desire to make her mark at any cost means she is a real and present danger to the union movement. 

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