Improvised Marketing Interventions paper award success

A paper authored by Dr Sourindra Banerjee published in the <i>Journal of Marketing</i> has won the 2020 AMA TechSIG-Lazaridis Prize for Best Paper for Research on the Practice of Marketing.

The paper, titled ‘Improvised marketing interventions in social media’ won the award jointly from the AMA’s Innovation, Technology and Interactivity SIG and Wilfrid Laurier’s Lazaridis Institute for its focus on innovation, technology and interactivity within marketing practice. 

The paper authors, Abhishek Borah, Associate Professor Sourindra Banerjee, Yu-Ting Lin, Apurv Jain, and Andreas B. Eisingerich, investigated the role of improvised marketing interventions (IMIs) on social media – a form of reactive engagement where brand accounts post in reaction to global trends, current events, and zeitgeist. The researchers found that the use of IMIs, which often take the form of witty or humorous posts that deviate from a strict, formal communications plan, can drive brand virality and generate greater stock market returns.

Based on these findings, the researchers recommended that brand and marketing teams be given greater freedom and reigns to control company messaging and to react to viral themes and trends in order to drive engagement. 

The Tech-SIG Lazaridis award includes a total prize of $1,500. 

Find out more about the award, the Lazaridis Institue and Tech-SIG mission on AMA online.

The full paper, Improvised marketing interventions in social media, is available to read in the Journal of Marketing