Global Seminar Series: Creating a sustainable world

The Global Seminar Series has concluded a second successful run, enhancing international collaboration and knowledge sharing between educational institutions, staff and students across the world.

The prevelence of global challenges in 2021 has brought the need for sustainable business practices and development in the global community into sharper focus. 

The Global Seminar Series explored some of the pressing global challenges in a successful second run in April, as students from the Business School and beyond explored sustainable initatives and ideas in light of the Covid crisis, climate change, the rise of nationalism and uncertainty in financial markets.

The Global Seminar Series brings together five leading institutions: Universidad de San Andres (Argentina), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), North Carolina State University (USA), and Leeds University Business School to deliver intellectually challenging seminars that broaden student’s horizons and encourage learning with a global mindset. 

This year the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) took the spotlight, as participants used the 17 goals as a benchmark to consider sustainable strategic initiatives, create new digital business models, and using proper metrics and measurements to ensure effective sustainable growth. The seminar schedule included: 

  • Sustainable Development and the Role of Business, Professor Christof Miska, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Leading in the Context of Sustainability, Dr. James Roberts, Leeds University Business School
  • The Impact Revolution, Dr. Dan Maron, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • The Sharing Economy and he Sustainable Digital Business Model, Professor Damian Sztarkman, Universidad de San Andres
  • Understanding Corporate Sustainability Performance Metrics, Dr Al, Chen, North Carolina State University
  • Wrap-up session, Dr. Jessica Yinka Thomas, North Carolina State University

We would like to thank the guest speakers for sharing their valuable insights with our students and we look forward to working with our partners again in the upcoming autumn seminar series.

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