Why tackling workplace inequalities is crucial for all

Dr Meenakshi Sarkar, writing in The Yorkshire Post, argues that if organisations want truly inclusive workplaces, they need to consider the views of everybody.

On Monday 8 March, an article written by Dr Meenakshi Sarkar, Divisional Director International and Lecturer in the Work and Employment Relations Division, was published in the Yorkshire Post.

The article entitled Why tackling workplace inequalities is crucial for all looked at what organisations should do if they are really serious about inclusion in the workplace.

Dr Sarkar argues: “Organisations need to look at inclusion from the inside out and reflect deeply to understand their existing cultures of exclusion. All too often business decisions and policies are made by those in a position of power, who have never fully understood the ‘lived’ experience of the colleagues who are meant to benefit from such inclusion policies.”

Read the full article on the Yorkshire Post website.