Senior business leaders talk strategic leadership with final year students

Three senior business leaders shared their insights on strategic leadership and ended the value packed session with a student led Q&A.

This week, final year business management students met with Jane Kidd, European Talent and Diversity Manager for Kellogg Company, Liz Mear, Chief Executive of The Innovation Agency & Joe Gaunt, Founder of Hero.

The trio are part of our larger cohort of senior leaders, known as Leaders in Residence, who work closely with our students to provide valuable, real world insights on management in practice.

The session was led by teaching fellow, Dennis MacDonald, and focused on the topic of strategic leadership.

Each leader gave a brief work history, followed by some valuable advice and guidance on how strategic leadership is delivered in organisations.

A wide range of topics were covered, including insights into applying context to advice, communicating with and listening to employees, sticking to values and providing an achievable vision to your workforce.

The students then engaged the leaders with a short Q&A session which answered questions around dealing with workplace bullying, leadership styles and importantly ‘how to flex your style’ and what the leaders are doing for their own development.

This session will be followed by a series of workshops on 18th October, where students will be getting a more hands on approach to the topic, by working in smaller groups.