How to lead like Jeff Bezos and think like Steve Jobs

Professor of Strategy and Organization Studies, Tyrone Pitsis, was part of a group of 25 academics who have tried to determine what makes a great leader.

Portrait picture of Tyrone Pitsis


The research was reported by the Australian Financial Review on 31 July in an article entitled 'How to lead like Jeff Bezos and think like Steve Jobs'. 

The group analysed more than 1000 academic articles to map the psychological, biological and brain patterns of the world's most successful people, including Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Apple's Steve Jobs, the Dalai Lama, Ironman Trevor Hendy and chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. 

The academics came up with a draft list of capabilities they claim future leaders will need to thrive, named the six Cs framework. The six Cs that the scientists have decided the world's most successful people exhibit are: capacity, choice, connection, collaboration, creativity and change agility.

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