Sustainable brand authenticity inspires alumni

Dr Christina Papadopoulou, Assistant Professor of Marketing, hosted a Business School alumni event in Athens, Greece on Saturday 24th February 2024.

Dr Christina Papadopoulou delivered a talk where she delved into the critical aspects of enhancing brand authenticity through the lens of corporate sustainability. With a focus on the latest research, she navigated through the intricacies of how brands can authentically align with sustainability, presenting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This presentation served not only to inform but also to inspire the alumni, urging them to contemplate their role in the sphere of sustainable practices.

After Christina’s inspiring session, alumni enjoyed a networking dinner, where they were able to reconnect with others from a range of disciplines. It was a special moment for everyone to share their diverse experiences and reminisce about their time at Leeds. There was a real sense of support and mentorship throughout the evening, fostering a positive atmosphere that highlighted the strength of our alumni community. These interactions demonstrated the immense value of staying connected with alumni for personal and professional advancement.

Reflecting on the event, Christina expressed her gratitude and delight at the opportunity to meet and reconnect with the Greek alumni of the University of Leeds. She remarked, "It was truly a privilege to host this event in Athens and to witness the warmth and kindness of our Greek alumni. Their eagerness to engage, share their experiences, and support one another exemplifies the strong sense of community we cherish at Leeds. The value of such networking events cannot be overstated, as they not only foster professional connections but also strengthen the personal bonds that form the foundation of our global alumni network. I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our alumni and am grateful for the chance to celebrate these achievements together."

Christina’s comments underscored the importance of the alumni network and the university's commitment to supporting its members through continuous engagement and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The Business School looks forward to hosting similar events in the future to strengthen our global alumni community, so keep checking our website for our latest eventsnews and updates and see how you can get involved.

View the photos from the Athens event.

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