Dr Felix Schulz

Dr Felix Schulz


I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Digital Futures at Work (digit) Research Centre and on an international Hans-Böckler-Stiftung-funded project on the role of labour in the “Just Transition”. My research is interdisciplinary drawing on labour economics, industrial relations, environmental labour studies and social psychology, trying to understand how people and businesses perceive the changing world of work in relation to climate change and artificial intelligence. I am also a co-investigator at the Leeds-based Hans-Böckler-Stiftung-funded Competence Centre, where I co-develop and analyse representative survey data to better understand public debate around decarbonisation and just transition. Lastly, I am the principal investigator at an internally funded project that investigates the interaction between value orientations and support for different types of climate policy in six countries of the Global North and South.

My background is in economics and economics of public policy, which I studied at the University of Utrecht, before starting my PhD at the University of Leeds. I have working experience in the automotive sector as well as in business consultancy with a focus on political communication. These experiences shaped my understanding of the interplay between work, organisations and policy. 

I rely mostly on quantitative methods trying to integrate machine learning techniques next to traditional regression approaches, but also employ qualitative methods to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of interest. 

Research interests

Digital technologies and inequalities in the workplace

Values and policy support

Environmental labour studies and the just transition

Labour unions and collective employee voice

Perceptions of income and pay inequality

Effects of income/pay inequality and their social psychological processes


  • 2021: PhD Economics and Business (University of Leeds)
  • 2016: MSc Economics of Public Policy (Utrecht University)
  • 2014: BSc Economics and Business Economics (Utrecht University)

Professional memberships

  • Young Scholars Initiative

Student education

I was the seminar leader for:

2018: Labour Economics

2018-2020: Economic Institutions (Industry)

2019: HRM Research Methods and Practices

2021: Understanding Statistics in the Social Sciences

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change