Dr Tiziana C. Callari


I am a Senior Research Fellow in Work and Organisational Psychology and Human Factors. After defending my PhD in Applied Psychology and Ergonomics at the University of Turin (Italy), I have moved abroad to gain experience as a full-time researcher. Since then (2013), I have developed my research at universities in Ireland (at the Trinity College in Dublin), Australia (at Deakin University, in Geelong/Victoria State, at the CADET Virtual Reality Laboratory) and the UK (Coventry University, and finally here at the University of Leeds). This has helped strengthen my international network for project/based activities. 

Before becoming a full-time researcher, I have worked for ten years as an International Management Consultant for a consultancy company. This involved working with various Italian and foreign companies to improve business processes, support international commercialisation and improve training/competency.

Additional Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation (at the School of Mechanical Engineering)

Research interests

As a W/O psychologist and Human Factors expert, my main research interests fall within three areas: (1) organisational ergonomics, (2) cognitive ergonomics, and (3) qualitative research methods.

In relation to (1), organisational ergonomics interventions have included (re) design and evaluation of work processes/procedures (Callari, et al. 2019); safety analysis and interventions, specifically in transportation (e.g. Callari, et al., 2021); human-centred design interventions in healthcare, including patient safety, patient experience (e.g. Callari, 2012).

In relation to (2), cognitive ergonomics projects have included: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)/ Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) design and evaluations (Cahill, et al, 2016); technology-based analysis and evaluations (Callari, et al. 2012); technologies supporting work and operator performance (Callari, et al, 2021).

Finally, in relation to (3), my interests mainly lie in qualitative research designs, ethnographic and participatory methodologies. Additionally, in many technology-based research activities, I have employed a number of tacit knowledge elicitation techniques (e.g. Callari, et al., 2021)

In the years I have participated in projects from various sectors, including healthcare and assistive technology, manufacturing, aviation, arts, engineering, etc. Additionally, I have collaborated with scholars and stakeholders from diverse disciplines and backgrounds – e.g. designers, psychologists, engineers, UX experts, industrial partners, etc. This has strengthened my ability to be mindful and listen first to the clients/stakeholders’ needs, and the importance of effective collaboration towards the achievement of given goals. Further, although a psychologist, I have worked interdisciplinarily with scholars from engineering, arts, product design, and computer science.


  • PhD in Applied Psychology and Ergonomics (University of Turin, Italy)
  • BSc Work and Organisational Psychology (University of Turin, Italy)
  • MSc Slavic Languages (University of Turin, Italy)

Student education

At undergraduate level, I teach on the following modules:

  • Work and Organisational Psychology, at the University of Trieste (Italy)
  • Qualitative Research methods for marketing interventions, at the School of Management of the University of Turin (Italy)
  • Usability testing, at the School of Management of the University of Turin (Italy)

Research groups and institutes

  • Workplace Behaviour Research Centre
  • Socio-Technical Centre