Professor Peter Ayton


  • Director of the the Centre for Decision Research

Research interests

Professor Ayton studies behavioural decision theory. Specifically, his research investigates how people make judgments and decisions under conditions of risk, uncertainty and ambiguity. He uses a variety of empirical methods including laboratory experiments, surveys, field studies and the use of archival data. His research has appeared in leading journals in Psychology and Economics with applied multidisciplinary collaborations appearing in a wide range of journals and leading conferences in medicine, law and computer science. Professor Ayton’s research and comments have also appeared in New Scientist; The New York Times, The Guardian, Wired, and on BBC2’s Newsnight and Radio 4’s The Today Programme, The Moral Maze, Woman’s Hour and Broadcasting House.  His books have covered Subjective Probability, Judgmental Forecasting and The Psychology and Economics of Football.   

Professional memberships

  • Society for Judgment & Decision Making
  • European Association for Decision Making
  • The Psychonomic Society
  • Experimental Psychology Society

Student education

I teach MBA, Ph.D. and Masters courses courses in Decision-Making, Managerial Decision-Making and Risk Communication.