Matthew is an ESRC funded postgraduate researcher at Leeds University Business School. After completing a BA in Sociology in 2012 he spent four years working in small tech startups in Berlin and Ljubljana. These years nurtured a deep interest in the role of technology in society, and the many ways we organise around it. Inspired to engage in postgraduate research around these questions, Matthew returned to Leeds University School of Sociology and Social Policy in 2017 before joining LUBS in 2019.

Research interests

Matthew’s research interests revolve around forms of internet sociability that do not fall within the boundaries of “traditional” corporate social-media. This includes niche forums and open source software development communities. More specifically, he is keen to understand the forms of organising and decision-making processes in these communities. 


  • BA Sociology
  • MA Society, Culture and Media
  • MA Social Research (Interdisciplinary)