Jimena Castillo Aguerre


Jimena is a Postgraduate Researcher in Economics at Leeds University Business School, she joined in October 2019.


She received financial support from Universidad de la Republica in support of her Master and was awarded with the LUBS Doctoral Scholarship.


She worked as a research assistant in the project 'Internationalisation and financialisation strategies: case studies of Austrian firms'. Coordinated by Annina Kaltenbrunner from LUBS and Stefan Ederer from the Austrian Institute of Economic Research. 2018-2019

Work experience 

Consultancy work for trade unions- She co-founded a cooperative of Economists (Comuna) to work with social organisations. She advised many unions and produced reports on public budget, collective negotiation and salaries councils. 

She also worked for several years in the School of Economics, Universidad de la Republica, as a research and teaching assistant. In 2019, she worked as an advisor to the Dean of the School in budget and planning.

She collaborated with two Uruguayan newspapers, La Diaria and Brecha. Wrote articles about financialisation, the financial system, public-private partnerships, progressive taxes, child poverty, among others. 



Post-Keynesian Economics Society

Young Scholars Initiative (Keynesian, Financial Stability and Latin America groups)



Book review: Castillo, J. (2019) Financialisation in Latin America. Challenges of the export-led growth model. Edited by Noemi Levy and Jorge Bustamante Routledge: Abingdon, Oxon, 2019 .Economic Issues, Vol. 24(2).

Castillo, J. and Colombo, K. (2019) Child poverty dynamics in Uruguay: a comparison of the monetary and multidimensional approaches. Institute of Economics working paper series. Universidad de la Republica. Spanish. Published in: http://www.iecon.ccee.edu.uy/die-01-19-dinamica-de-la-pobreza-infantil-en-uruguay-una-comparacion-de-los-enfoques-monetario-y-multidimensional/publicacion/657/es/


Research interests

Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, Financialisation, Development Economics, International Economics and Emerging countries.


  • MA. in Development and International Economics (Distinction), Kingston University, UK.
  • B.A. in Economics, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. Equivalent to 510 ECTS