Sarah Spence



2001 - MA (Hons.) Modern History. University of Edinburgh.
2010 - BSc Midwifery. Edinburgh Napier University.
2017 - MA Womens Studies. University of York.


Research manager at legal head-hunting consultancy.
Registered midwife (NHS and private).

Thesis Title

Workplace bullying: the final straw for NHS midwives at breaking point?


Andy Charlwood
Tomasina Stacey
Kate Hardy

Thesis summary/synopsis

My research examines bullying in midwifery by mapping the factors which interact with rampant bullying behaviour in the midwifery sector of the NHS in the UK. I wish to understand if the NHS can withstand the current rates of bullying alongside the increasingly oppressive influence of economic austerity measures, pay restriction, midwife shortages and an ageing workforce. My research utilises interviews and phenomenographic analysis method. 

Midwifery. NHS. Identity. Power. Pay restraint. Ageing workforce.