Leeds University Business School Divisional Scholarship (Economics)


Master of International and Development Economics, Australian National University


Fulbright Scholarship

World Bank Scholarship

Research Scholarship, Monash University


I am a career civil servant working in the Administrative Service of Pakistan. I remained on several managerial positions at the local and provincial level. I also remained Research Assistant at the Queensland University of  Technology (Brisbane, Australia).

Thesis Title

Essays on globalization and firms' performance


Sandra Lancheros Torres

Kausik Chaudhuri


International Economics; Servitization; Productivity; Finance, Knowledge Capital, Imported Inputs 

Thesis Summary / Synopsis

Firm-level international trade has contributed tremendously in fostering global economic growth. However, during the past few decades, the contribution of manufacturing trade is gradually declining, and resources are shifted away from the production of goods to the provision of services and solutions. The trade in services has witnessed a remarkable growth overtime, and the value and volume of trade in services has increased manifolds. Most importantly, a relatively new phenomenon has been observed in the international trade where manufacturing firms started trading services in addition to goods, a phenomenon called ‘Servitization’.

This study intends to contribute to this evolving aspect of firm-level trade by examining key factors shaping firms’ choices to servitize. From an academic and policy perspective, exploring the factors influencing firms’ decision to enter into a challenging foreign market is important, especially when a fierce competition to capture the global market is on rise.


Research interests

International Trade 


Firm-Finance Link 



Technology upgradation

Intermediate Inputs 


  • MasterĀ of International and Development Economics, Australian National University

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Institute for Research in Economics