Jack Daly

Jack Daly


My PhD, funded by Leeds Doctoral College, focussed upon understanding the Gender Pay Gap through a framework of Hegemonic Masculinity. As an undergradute, I graduated first First Class Honours in Business and Management at the University of Lincoln. Following this, I completed my Masters with Disctinction in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Leeds. During my undergraduate and masters studies I became interested in the way gender is socially constructed within organisations and the subsequent inequalities observable in both historcial and contemporary contexts of work. 

Research interests

Gender Pay Gaps are still prevelant across industries and sectors within the U.K., and despite strong academic understanding and governemetnal policies females still routinely recieve lower wages than male counterparts. My research aims to centre males and masculinity within such inequalities, deconstructing assumptions of normality within organisations that are often shaped within the mould of constructed masculinity. The research aims to understand whether contemporary organisations hold inherent biases towards male bodies and masculine behaviours that reinforce social systems to enable and legimise the Gender Pay Gap. It looks to explore relationships between gender pay gaps and hegemoic masculinity in organisations whilst exploring how performance perceptions, promotion, recruitment opportunities and behaviours are influenced by constructed gender. 

In addition to my PhD research, my research includes the role of Trade Unions within a 'Just Transition' towards low-carbon economies and how enforced Gender Stereotypes influence Job Crafting abilities. Further interests include inequalities, intersectionality, labour within climate change, post-work and automation.


  • MA Organisational Behaviour, University of Leeds
  • BA Business and Management, University of Lincoln

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change