After I finished my MA in Human Resource Management at the University of Leeds in 2010, I went to work with a top retail bank for about 10 years before returning for my PhD.




Research interests

My research focuses on power and gender wthin top leadership of retail banks, specifically how women navigate their careers to top positions, inspite of much researched and evidenced underrepresentation. I am particularly interested in what specific challenges were encountered and how these were responded to by organisation’s leadership of which women are more and more becoming a part of, including up to CEO and Board level. So, how do women make their voices count and influence outcomes? I do this using qualitative semi-structured interviews (and in future, focus groups) that give these leaders opportunity to tell their stories and we co-construct them towards sense-making explanations.


I am interested in collaborations within this area and others that investigate women at work, work-family balance/conflicts and particularly, women in leadership from the Global South 


Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change