Ne Ma


I joined the Leeds University of Business School as a doctoral researcher in October 2020. Before that I was working in pharmaceutical industry in China. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at University of Exeter and then obtained MSc in Marketing and Management at Loughborough University prior I stepped in industry.

My ongoing doctoral study focuses on how unfulfilled gender expectations affect women’s career trajectories and professional identities. Looking at work and life experiences of unmarried childfree Chinese working women in China and UK, this research aims to understand how the influences from not performing socially prescribed gender roles affect their experiences, choices, and perception of selves at workplace and labour market. Besides, this research attempts to explore to what extent the different political ideologies and socio-cultural contexts related to gender relations and women’s rights would impact on professional women’s gender and professional identities.




Research interests

My research interests include gender and employment, (expected) motherhood penalty, singlism, gender relations, social media and feminist movement in China, work and life experiences of marginalized groups. As a PhD student, I’m happy to communicate with other academics, researchers, PhDs, and activists who share similar or related research interests. You can contact me through my university email:



LUBS1755 Business and Society (seminar)

LUBS1760 Business and Society (seminar)


Online Publication: 

Ma, N. 2023. The post-Carrie Bradshaw era in China: When women’s singlehood became a ‘problem’ in society and the workplace. Futures of Work. [Online].  Available from:



  • MSc Marketing and Management, Loughborough University
  • BA Accounting and Finance, University of Exeter

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change