Jaejin Lee

Jaejin Lee


Profile Summary
Jaejin Lee, as a postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds in the UK, is studying “HR/People Analytics” which facilitates better decision-making through a data-driven approach in the field of HR. Prior to his doctoral study, he worked on system development at ZoomSystems in San Francisco, USA; carried out strategic planning consulting as a business consultant; and undertook numerous HR-related projects in the HR department at E-land Group, one of the major conglomerates in South Korea, for about a decade. Jaejin has been regularly not only contributing HR articles related to digital HR and employee relations through <Talent Management magazine> but also giving a lecture for corporations on the subject of HR analytics. He is also the author of the book <Business Partner: HR Analytics>, the first published book to engage with HR analytics in S. Korea from a global perspective. Jaejin holds a BSc in mathematics from Hanyang University and an MSc in Human Resource Management from the University of Exeter.

Research & Project Experience

[Academic Research]

  1. An ethnographic study on organisations adopting and implementing HR/People Analytics (2020 – present)
  2. A longitudinal outreach study conducting data analysis training with capstone projects for HR professionals to design and develop effective HR/People Analytics training curriculum (2020 – present)
  3. Research on building appropriate machine learning methods for effectively predicting multiple inequality outcomes from textual data (2022)
  4. Research investigating the transformational effects of Covid-19 on inequalities at wotk with longitudinal panel data from a dozen different countries (2021)
  5. HRD Trend Report: People Analytics, Korean Institute of Human Resource Development in Science and Technology, vol(3), pp.32-41 (2021) 
  6. Book, Business Partner: HR Analytics (Korean) (2020)
  7. A study on hindrance factors of the use of HR Analytics within organisations (2019)
  8. Developed data science curriculum for adolescents in the UK (2019)
  9. A comparative study of aging and recruitment in the UK and Korea (2018)

[Business Projects]

  1. Consulted companies to standardise HR indicators using the global HR Report Standards (ISO-30414)
  2. Analysed a tech-based hierarchical organisation to understand communication patterns between departments using ONA (Organisational Network Analysis).
  3. Analysed a global organisation to delve into the relationship of senior managers using ONA.
  4. Derived the significant factors that influence the performance of managers using Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression Analysis.
  5. Analysed the results of the pulse survey and employee engagement survey in a company using Topic Modelling - Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA).
  6. Established an in-house construction workforce system by measuring the productivity of field workers at construction sites.
  7. Devised an algorithm to suggest priority marketing channel through analysing marketer’s behavioural activities and ROI in the food service division.   
  8. Tracked and analysed ROI of the training programme for General Manager candidates in the hotel and resort division
  9. Updated the talent management system for effective recruitment and efficient placement of HiPo employees
  10. Analysed and drew insights from new employees who left the company in less than one year

Work Experience
- Teaching assistant in HR analytics at LUBS, University of Leeds, UK
- Visiting researcher and advisor to systemise HR analytics function, a Food Tech company, Seoul, Korea 
- Research assistant at LUBS, University of Leeds, UK
- Data science research assistant, University of Exeter, UK
- Conference organiser, PAFOW 2019 London (People Analytics & Future of Work)
- Senior strategic manager, Korea Job Association (NGO)
- HR manager, E-land Group, Seoul, Korea
- Strategic business consultant, E-land Group, Shanghai, China / Seoul, Korea
- Operations assistant, ZoomSystems, SF, US
- Administration assistant, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
- Police officer, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Seoul, Korea 

Conference & Presentation
- The barriers of using HR analytics from the HR practitioners’ perspective, 1st EIASM Workshop of People Analytics and Algorithmic Management (July 2022)
- HR/People Analytics for research and practice, Talk, Share, and Write(TSW), The Korean Association of HRD (July 2022)
- The barriers of using HR analytics from the HR practitioners’ perspective, BAM Human Resource Management SIG International Symposium 2022 (June 2022)
- Why do organisations struggle with People Analytics? People Analytics World 2022 Conference (April 2022)
- A journay of global companies on HR Analytics, The Future of HR Conference by Wanted (June 2021)
- Why do organisations get bogged down in using HR analytics? The Future of Work in a Post-Covid World, Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC) Doctoral Conference (May 2021)
- Conference Moderator, Big Data and the Future of Human Resource Management, Global HR Forum (November 2020)

Invited Talk
- Hyundai Motor Group, Wanted, Global HR Forum, LG, Samsung Electronics, HR Leaders Club, Dataholic, Hunet, ASML, Woowa Brothers, People Analytics World Conference, etc

Licenses & certifications
- People analytics: network analysis workshop, R conference 2022
- People analytics, University of Cambridge
- Data analysis for management, LSE 
- HR analytics, Cornell University
- Data analytics using R & Python, University of Exeter
- People analytics, LinkedIn
- CIPD level 7 certificate, CIPD
- Human resource management specialist, Korea Lobour Attorney Association

Research interests

Jaejin’s main research interests are in the fields of HR/People Analytics and Digital HR. He is widely interested in adopting and using technologies in the HR domain, including but not limited to digital transformation, data analytics, AI(machine learning), and automation. In HR, which has previously relied more on intuition and experience, Jaejin believes that data-driven approaches can make better work and life in our society by hiring, training, and deploying the right people at the right time and in the right way.



  • MSc (hons). Human Resource Management, University of Exeter
  • Graduate Diploma (hons). Business Management, University of Exeter
  • BSc. Mathematics, Hanyang University

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change