Museums and cultural institutes: Corporate sponsorship and public confidence

In March, Museum-iD magazine published an article featuring Business School research on corporate sponsorship and public confidence.

The article titled ‘Paving the way for ethical sponsorship of cultural institutions’ discusses how museums and cultural institutions can navigate the complex path of finding partnerships which are ethically sound, financially viable, and fit for purpose.

The article references research undertaken by Alessandro Biraglia and Maximilian Gerrath and their paper ‘Corporate sponsorship for museums in times of crisis’.

The study surveyed tourists and found that they may be more willing to welcome corporate sponsorship (as an alternative to public funding) in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic; but that smaller companies are considered the best fit for private funding for museums as they are seen as more authentic, supportive and actively involved in the partnerships.

Read the full artilcle in Museum-ID here.

Read the paper ‘Corporate sponsorship for museums in times of crisis’.