Alumni reunite after 40 years

Alumni from Leeds University Business School and the University of Leeds returned to Leeds from across the world to celebrate 40 years since they first met.

The event brought together alumni who had first crossed paths at Bodington Hall, which was the largest residence at the University of Leeds before it closed in 2013.
The alumni’s trip down memory lane began with a guided tour of campus, which allowed them to see how things had changed since they were students, and revisit iconic campus buildings such as the Parkinson Building, The Great Hall, Edward Boyle Library, The Refectory and HELIX - the University's new collaborative learning innovation space for students, staff, and the local community that had only opened earlier the same week.
The nostalgic journey culminated at the historic Old Bar at Leeds University Union, which served as the perfect setting for sharing stories and reminiscing about their time as students. After some drinks at the Old Bar, they finished the reunion at the Gino D'Acampo Restaurant where they enjoyed more food and drink.
Organiser Grant Mercer, BA Economics and Econometrics (1986) said “The reunion was not just a celebration of a shared history, but a testament to the friendships and relationships forged all those years ago, and the powerful impact of our university experience at Leeds. It had been 40 years since we last saw one another but it only felt like yesterday. We remember our time at Leeds very fondly, and we are proud to be alumni of the University”. 
The reunion finished with heartfelt farewells and a promise to meet again sooner rather than later. The four-decade anniversary highlighted the lasting legacy of being an alumni of the University of Leeds and the special bonds that continue to connect alumni.
If you would like help organising a class reunion, or would like to come back to campus to have a look around, please contact the LUBS Alumni Team ( who will be more happy to help.
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