Research Leadership Development Consortium: Online Seminar Series 2023-25

‘In Search of Inclusive Research Leadership’ 22 March 2024 (14.00-15.30 GMT) – Online via Zoom.

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Building on our successful sessions exploring the evolving landscape of research leadership and how to envision oneself as a research leader, we invite you to a collaborative discussion on creating inclusive research environments.

This session will feature insights from colleagues at Newcastle University Business School, including the inaugural Director of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and  Subject Group leadership. They will share their own stories of challenges and success in fostering inclusivity.

Expect an informal, interactive session with group discussions aimed at developing strategies to tackle key challenges with contributions from:

Feedback from previous sessions highlighted a desire for more interaction and discussion. We are considering breakout rooms for discussing strategies to address common challenges. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and here are some topics we're thinking about:

  • Improving EDI requires data, but collecting sensitive information raises concerns. How can we use data effectively and maintain inclusivity?
  • Diversity and inclusion need continual effort, not just one-off actions. How can we involve everyone in nurturing an inclusive research culture?
  • Our reward system often singles out individuals. In a team-based work environment, how can we better recognize team contributions?
  • Academic careers are rarely linear. How can we better support diverse career paths?

These topics will be listed in the registration form so please indicate your preference and we will go with the majority. There may be time for discussion about some of the other topics during the breakout sessions and in the main group session.

About the Consortium

The aim of the Research Leadership Development Consortium is to organise development events that strengthen and support research leadership in the social sciences. Leadership development activities are designed to support social science researchers in an increasingly interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral and fast-changing landscape. Our objective is to explore enablers and opportunities for professional connectivity, impactful networking, quality research co-production, mentorship and capacity building.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for (or will be in the near future) leading research centres, teams or projects.

Benefits of Attending

Hear from a panel of senior academics with a vast amount of experience in managing and leading research groups, teams and projects. Share best practice and ideas in a supportive and non-judgemental space. Although seminars are organised with a panel, they are designed to be engaging and interactive and not ‘lectures’. We welcome your feedback as this helps us to improve our programme going forward.