Webinar: Crazy busy life - Top tips to improve your productivity

This free online professional development webinar hosted by career experts Career Farm is open to Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

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We all have crazy busy days, trying to stay on top of emails, manage curveballs and juggle constant interruptions. We’re slowed down by inefficient meetings, lengthy decision-making, endless digital interruptions and low-value tasks that take over our workloads. Being more productive doesn’t mean working more hours; it means having a laser focus on the tasks that matter and executing them without distraction and empowering your team to do the same.

In this webinar, Zena Everrett will provide practical tips to get more higher-value tasks done, in less time.

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About the speaker

Zena Everett founded, grew and then sold a recruitment business before changing career to be a leadership coach and a speaker on career strategy and productivity at business schools such as Said Business School, University of Oxford and Henley Business School. She is a regular conference and media contributor on recruitment, retention and talent management issues (Sky Business, Business Breakfast on Radio 4's Today Programme, Radio 5, trade and broadsheet press). She is the author of "Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career" and Amazon #1 best-seller "The Crazy Busy Cure".