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The image shows a businessman in a warehouse looking at an iPad, from which the world map is bursting forth, indicating the use of digital supply chains.

The Supply Chain Summit 2023 explores the radical changes needed for supply chains to survive global disruption and enable their resilience and recovery.

Exporting 800x400

In collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Professor Yingqi Wei and team will explore key issues for export creation and promotion in West Yorkshire.

The image shows a Black doctor interacting with a young girl and her mother. The child is sitting on the mother's lap; the doctor wears a mask and gloves, white scrubs and leans forward with smiling eyes to engage with her patient.

Join our in-person event exploring the impact of HR practices on the wellbeing of minority ethnic health and social care workers.

A father is shown helping his son with homework.

Join us online for the launch of the PIECE study final report.

A digitial face scanning a device with a hand above the device

Join our in-person stakeholder event focused on the opportunities and challenges in understanding financial vulnerability.

A bird's eye view shows a busy table, covered with spreadsheets, graphs, moving hands and coffee cups, giving the appearance of collaborative working.

This full-day conference will explore how collaborative working across social, environmental and economic elements integral to all business ecosystems can lead to social value. 

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events