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The image displays protesters from behind. In the centre of the group, a woman stands with a sign aloft reading,

A hybrid event launching a global database where platform workers document their protest actions.

MK and Innovation

CERIC warmly invites postgraduate researchers at all stages to this annual conference.

The picture shows the tip of a finger poised to press a button next to the word 'Innovation' on a metal contraption.

An in-person event exploring innovating through leadership in digital medtech and biotech.

Monash University Prato Centre

Disrupting technology: Contextualising continuity and change in technology, work and employment.

Exporting 800x400

In collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Professor Yingqi Wei and team will explore key issues for export creation and promotion in West Yorkshire.

The image shows a Black doctor interacting with a young girl and her mother. The child is sitting on the mother's lap; the doctor wears a mask and gloves, white scrubs and leans forward with smiling eyes to engage with her patient.

Join our in-person event exploring the impact of HR practices on the wellbeing of minority ethnic health and social care workers.

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events