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Gender inequality

Dr Mara A. Yerkes (Utrecht University) will present research from the COVID Gender (In)equality Survey Netherlands (COGIS-NL) study.

pink sky

Professor Phillip Brown (Cardiff) considers what is ‘revolutionary’ about today’s developments in digital innovation.

grey sky on campus

Dr Ed Timmons, West Virginia University, evaluates the costs and benefits of occupational licensing in the US and UK.

Maurice Keyworth Building at night

Caroline Lloyd (Cardiff University), Jonathan Payne and Secki Jose (De Montfort University) discuss trade union approaches to digitalisation in Norway and the UK.

Purple sky

In this session, Milena Büchs demonstrates how growth-oriented and exploitative ways of capitalist economies are a driver of climate change.

Maurice Keyworth by night

Professor Candace Jones presents the findings of her research around Edinburgh's festivals.

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