Webinar: Develop your personal brand canvas to maximise your career

This free online professional development webinar hosted by career experts Career Farm is open to Business School alumni, students and staff members.

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The Personal Branding Canvas, downloaded by thousands around the world, is an easy to use visual framework designed to help people understand why they are special and how to let others know it.

This webinar will introduce you to the Personal Brand Canvas to identify and communicate your promise of value and positioning more effectively and innovatively.

Participants will be able to perform a quality check of their current career goal and learn how to quickly design, understand and improve their professional image so they can strive to make a “big name” for themselves.

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About the speaker

Luigi Centenaro is the Managing Partner and Founder of BigName and has served as trainer and lecturer on Personal Branding and Professional Innovation for leading business schools and universities in Europe Luigi is the author and curator of many publications on Personal Branding and is the lead developer of the Personal Branding Canvas included in the Toolkit dedicated to Professional Innovation.