Walking to Zero Exhibition launch

Come and join us for the launch of the Walking to Zero Project Exhibition. A project led by Sally Chan and Student Sustainability Architect (SSA), Maureen Kewe.

One of the Student Sustainability Projects this year is designed to get students to reconnect to their landscapes through the 'To Walk Project'

The 'To Walk Project' is the brainchild of Steve Hoffman, a product designer, and educator with thirty years of experience in 3D design, photography, and graphics. 

Sally Chan commented:

Walking is the most sustainable means of getting from A to B with many health benefits... However, many students dread walking seeing this as the only option available. Maybe it is raining or it is too cold, or they are lonely, or engaged in distracted walks with devices in hand. We felt it was important to change the students’ mindsets so that walking becomes a pleasant reflective activity. It made perfect sense for us to collaborate with Steve to get students to think differently about their daily commute to campus. 

SSA Maureen was responsible for recruiting and supporting students to capture their range of walking experiences on campus.

Steve introduced the notion of ‘Walking Blues’ and ‘The Mundane Walk’ during induction before students took part in a ‘trial walk’ during LUU's #climateweek. The team also invited Dr Pam Birtill from the School of Psychology to guide students in thinking of walking as freedom, a radical act, and walking and memory. 

The exhibition will be available for one day only between 10am and 5pm.