Book launch - "Marketization" by Ian Greer and Charles Umney

Marketization: How Capitalist Exchange Disciplines Workers and Subverts Democracy

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Authors: Dr Ian Greer and Professor Charles Umney

Discussants: Professor Jill Rubery (University of Manchester) and Professor Mark Stuart (University of Leeds)

How do markets function? Who creates, shapes and organizes them? And what do they mean for the relationship between labour and capital?

Marketization examines how the state and capital use markets to discipline the working class. Ian Greer and Charles Umney examine European political economy, from the European Commission to the workplace, to show how market mechanisms reshape the lives of workers, and the workings of democratic institutions.

Drawing on several years of interviews with policymakers, administrators, businesses, workers, and trade unionists across many European countries, Greer and Umney unpack marketization. They go beyond liberal theories that see markets as natural forms of economic organization and broad-brush left critiques of neoliberalism, looking behind the scenes in current European political economy to examine the practicalities of how market competition is created and manipulated by employers, policymakers and bureaucrats in pursuit of greater profitability. Far from leading to greater freedom, these processes often override the rights of individuals, degrade the status and security of workers, and undermine democratic accountability.

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