Webinar: Adapting offices and new ways of working

This free online webinar is open to University of Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

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Dr Matthew Davis, Associate Professor at Leeds University Business School would like to invite Business School and Leeds alumni, students and staff to join him for a webinar on Wednesday 26 January 2022.

COVID-19 changed where we work. The idea of hybrid working has now entered the mainstream and many businesses are rethinking what a “workplace” is. Businesses are adapting office space and work practices to retain benefits of remote working and support hybrid working. What does the future office look like though and what impact is the shift to hybrid working having?

Matthew will share insights from the research project he is currently leading on Adapting Offices for the Future of Work. He will explain why one size can’t fit all when it comes to the design of hybrid and future ways of working, together with what we need to consider when it comes to thinking about the future workplace and how employees use offices. He will be sharing some of the practical steps that organisations have taken to support employees back into offices, trade-offs involved in office design, different strategies to manage hybrid working and things to consider as we move towards the “new normal” (whatever that may actually be).

Please join Matthew at 13:00 (GMT) on Zoom.

Zoom access information will be sent after registration, 2 hours before the event and 10 minutes before the event. If you have difficulty receiving the Zoom link, please contact alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk.