Digital series: How digital images affect audience perceptions

Can we judge a book by its cover? Images used to represent you or your organisation online have a significant affect on audience perceptions - so let's be smart about how we use them.

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As part of our Digital Series run in conjunction with Leeds Digital Festival, this webinar will help you choose the digital images to optimise your digital and marketing communications.



How much time do you put into choosing images for your marketing campaign? Or what does the shared content on social media say about your organisation? In this webinar, we will help you understand how images affect audience perceptions. Choice of images is now an essential part of digital communication with your customers, investors, and the public. Dr Xingjie Wei will give advice on what visual elements should be considering when selecting images to use in your communications in order to maximise the impact on your audiences.

Who should attend

Anybody involved in delivering digital communications will benefit from this webinar, as well as anybody concerned with their own personal brand and how it is perceived online.


Dr Xingjie Wei is a lecturer in Business Analytics and Machine Learning at Leeds University Busines School. Xingjie’s experience and research lie in computer science and psychology and in particular the relationship between the two –  human factors and computational techniques – to understand human behaviour, such as personal decision making and perceptions. The insights from her research can help governments, businesses and charities to transform the way they work.

Dr Xingjie Wei