Learning, teaching, and making Chinese characters stick

Jake Gill (高健), CEO of the character writing app Skritter, is a former Mandarin teacher and a lifelong learner. Language enthusiasts and Chinese learners will benefit from Jake's insights.

About the event 

Chinese characters attract and intimidate learners in equal measure. Characters can just as easily be the reason you are drawn to Chinese as the reason you are sometimes tempted to give up.

Similarly, technology has made learning Chinese so much easier and more accessible, but the wide array of tools and apps can be overwhelming at times.

In this talk, Skritter CEO Jake Gill will draw from his background in Mandarin learning and teaching to provide tips and tricks to help you learn Chinese effectively in the digital age – with a particular focus on Chinese characters. A long-time enthusiast for Computer Assisted Language Learning, Jake worked his way up to become CEO of the character writing app Skritter and has a wealth of insight to share from both his personal and professional experience.

Come along for inspiration, practical tips, and recommendations – including Skritter and much more!

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About the speaker

Jacob Gill (高健) is the CEO of Skritter, a global character writing application. Jake holds a degree in Global Communications from UW-Milwaukee, studied abroad in both Taiwan and Mainland China, and completed Master’s coursework at National Taiwan Normal University for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. He has taught Chinese at summer camps, weekend schools, and at university before joining Skritter, full-time Director of Daily Operations, eventually becoming CEO of Skritter.

Learn more about Jake’s learning background and career journey in our blog post: Skritter CEO Jake Gill on experimenting and ‘showing up’

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