Webinar: Leadership in difficult times

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The current pandemic is forcing leaders to raise their game and adapt their styles. Anyone used to leading a team in an office environment will recognise the challenges that switching to remote working has presented.

The shift to hybrid working is not a temporary shift, it is a paradigm shift. 

This session will show how you can rise to the challenge and stand out from your peers. The interactive session draws on emerging best practice and research which will be published by Bloomsbury this year in Jo’s new book ‘Smart Teams’. 

What we will cover: 

1) Why the pandemic is changing the rules of the game for leaders: Office-based leadership is relatively simple because you can see what is happening and react in real time. Remote leadership forces leaders to be far more deliberate and purposeful about how they lead. Leaders have to double down on 21st century skills: command and control is giving way to influence and persuade. This brings both more opportunity and more challenge than ever.

2) Key challenges such as communication, goal setting, motivation, workload and collaboration as well as many more which require more deliberate and purposeful leadership,

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About the speaker

Previously a Partner at Accenture, Jo Owen is the founder or co-founder of eight NGOs and the author of 20 books on leadership and management. His titles have reached over 100 global editions in 23 languages. He is the only person to win the Chartered Management Institute Gold Award four times for his books, among numerous awards for his works. He has featured on BBC, CNN, CBS, NHK, Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and The Week. He has featured on BBC, CNN, CBS, NHK, Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Week. He has been a regular columnist for the Institute of Directors, BNET/CNET, the ICAEW  (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and remains a long-term columnist for the magazine Today’s Manager (Singapore Institute of Management).