Webinar: Design thinking - How to create more innovative solutions

This free online webinar is open to University of Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

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We are pleased to announce that Tony Morgan, Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice, Leeds University Business School, will be hosting a webinar on "Design thinking: How to create more innovative solutions".  

In today’s fast-changing world, innovation is critical to every organisation. Increasingly, design thinking techniques are being used to create better solutions by addressing the needs of the people using them.

Tony supports students and companies (through the Centre for Executive and Professional Education) develop and apply innovation and design thinking skills. His work includes use of advanced collaborative teaching and learning spaces and facilitating innovation and design thinking online.

In this interactive webinar, Tony will introduce design thinking and demonstrate how it can be used to improve innovative solutions, whether working in a physical room or socially distanced online.

Please join Tony at 13:00 (GMT) on Zoom.

Zoom access information will be sent after registration, 2 hour before the event and 10 minutes before the event. If you have difficulty receiving the Zoom link, please contact alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk