Webinar: How to build an inclusive workplace by understanding social exclusion

This free online webinar is open to University of Leeds alumni, students and staff members

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We are pleased to announce that Dr Meenakshi Sarkar, from our Work and Employment Relations Division, will be hosting a webinar on "How to build an inclusive workplace by understanding social exclusion", on Wednesday 18 November 2020.  

Whatever happens in our society effects the workplace. While we live in increasingly diverse societies, many workplaces are struggling to build truly inclusive environments. In this webinar, Dr Meenakshi Sarkar will look at how understanding social exclusion and the structural factors present in our workplace can help us develop more robust strategies for inclusion and diversity in our organisations. 

Please join Meenakshi at 13:00 (GMT) on Zoom.

Zoom access information will be sent after registration, 1 hour before the event and 10 minutes before the event. If you have difficulty receiving the Zoom link, please contact alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk