Webinar: Work fuel – Eat smart, boost performance, improve focus

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We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but in practice, it’s often not compatible with a busy lifestyle. What if what you were eating actually gave you more time; boosting your productivity, increasing your focus, and ensuring that you didn’t fall victim to that daily afternoon energy slump?

This webinar shows you how eating well can and should fit into your lifestyle, however busy it is. Work Fuel provides you with an investment plan, promising to improve your performance, focus and energy by changing the way that you eat.

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About the Speaker

Colette Heneghan is an author, speaker, coach and business founder. She has extensive business experience gained working for some of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications and technology companies. Colette has designed, managed and delivered successful, high impact health and wellbeing programmes across the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US. From improving energy and focus levels, to reducing absenteeism, increasing employee engagement and talent retention – the right corporate wellbeing programme does a lot more than tell people to eat better and exercise more. Colette has provided organisations with a platform to further promote a more engaged, energised and enthused culture.