Association for social economics 2017 summer workshop

Summer Workshop on "Financialisation": what is it and why it matters for social economists.

Economics Division hosts ASE 2017 Summer Workshop

Programme - summer workshop on "financialisation": what is it and why it matters for social economists. 

Join the Association for Social Economics for their 2017 Summer Workshop, at Leeds University Business School. The event is hosted jointly by the Economics Division. 

The Association for Social Economics was founded in 1941 seeking to promote high quality research in the broadly defined area of social economics. Social economics is the study of the ethical and social causes and consequences of economic behaviour, institutions, theory and policy.

PhD students can apply for a grant to cover some accommodation and travel expenses for the workshop.

Travel and Accommodation

To apply for help with travel and accommodation costs for the workshop, PhD students need to submit the following materials by Thursday 31st August:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. An estimated budget for travel expenses.
  3. An up to date curriculum vitae.

Enquiries and applications should be sent by email with the subject line 'Association for Social Economics grant application' to Professor Giuseppe Fontana, University of Leeds, email: