Future supply chain leaders session 1: the art of finding redundant variation

This is a Centre for Decision Research (CDR) Seminar taking place at Leeds University Business School on Tuesday 23 January 2018

Rach Lear, Director of Business Intelligence Global Supply Chain at Smith & Nephew, presents this Centre for Decision Research (CDR) seminar on data analytics, otherwise known as "what you wish you'd have known before investing hundreds of hours into that analysis project". Rach intends to tell a story of the journey and the things that really matter when dealing with massive data that feeds local decisions.

Rach has been instrumental in Smith & Nephew's data management systems for supply chain analytics, including work on:

  • Finding how to create a data driven approach to optimising processes and systems inside an organisation - improving the end to end global supply chain planning capabilities
  • The foundation: Big Data / Market Research Intelligence (MRI) approach to Smith & Nephew supply chains transactional data quality. From every plant, every sales office, every purchase order, to make sure that changing processes, system implementations and large scale supply chain transformations don't decrease the global supply chain performance and optimisation
  • The next step: Building the self-serve model to those BigData / MRI scans and connecting the accountable people to those views, to help control and improve the processes and systems - building a Continuous Improvement (CI) approach to our globally dispersed supply chain systems

For further information, please contact the Research Office at research.LUBS@leeds.ac.uk

About the speaker

Rach Lear

Rach Lear, Director of Business Intelligence Global Supply Chain, Smith & Nephew is an accomplished supply chain professional with a strong track record in UK, European and Global change management at Unilever followed by consultancy, driving supply chain improvement, lean manufacturing and other projects for major companies.

Most recently with Smith & Nephew, building a people, processes and tools foundation for the future supply chain business intelligence capability.