International Business Pedagogy Workshop

Are you ready to update your skills and pedagogical toolbox for teaching IB?

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Monday 9 April from 6pm
Dinner at University House
Hosted by Professor Peter Moizer and with Professor Peter Buckley

Tuesday 10 April from 8.30am
IB Pedagogy Workshop, Maurice Keyworth Building

The International Business (IB) Pedagogy workshop hosted by Leeds University Business School and Georgia State University CIBER provides a forum for scholars with extensive teaching experience to share best practice and explore new ways of teaching, with a view to advancing student education within both the field of IB and within business and management more generally.

IB scholars engaged in teaching face internal and external challenges which, if approached appropriately, can offer new opportunities for innovative teaching. A new generation of students has grown up with a range of technologies and expects similar technologies to be employed by universities. This shift in technology raises questions around teaching effectiveness and the use, and usefulness, of textbooks in times where teaching material is ubiquitous on Wikipedia, Facebook and Youtube et al. Such resources are already consulted intensively by students and have the potential to challenge incumbent sources of reference. However, embracing these effectively as part of course material, both inside and outside the classroom, is challenging and calls into question how we structure and deliver modules and programmes. 

Technologies also have the potential to foster better learning engagement, particularly as the student cohort becomes more internationally and culturally diverse. Digital and asymmetric delivery of teaching content allows students to access and revisit material at their own pace. Nevertheless, the introduction of innovative teaching approaches requires careful calibration in order to fit required learning outcomes and student needs. It also needs to be communicated effectively, so that students are able to fully embrace the shifts in teaching delivery and classroom expectations.

Against this backdrop, the objective of the IB Pedagogy workshop is to:

  • Explore how scholars across different disciplines are successfully navigating shifts in student education and how the IB community, and more broadly the business and management community, can benefit from their experience.
  • Provide a new generation of IB scholars with the pedagogical tools and perspectives that will help shape their teaching approach.
  • Create a community of IB scholars that is actively interested in reconsidering how we can best engage with our students and create an environment of mutual benefit.


£100 for delegates external to Leeds University Business School.  £75 for early bird booking (when booked by  8th February) – includes dinner on 9th April

£80 for LUBS staff with £60 early bird (when booked by 8th February) – includes dinner on 9th April

£50 for LUBS staff with £40 early bird (when booked by 8th February) - dinner on 9th April not included

£25 for PhD students - dinner on 9th April not included

£50 for PhD students - includes dinner on 9th April



For further information, please contact:

Victoria Weeks
International Business Divisional Coordinator
+ 44 (0) 113 343 1049

Event format

  9 April 2018
18:00 Dinner at University House. Host: Professor Peter Moizer and speaker Professor Peter J Buckley
21.00 Close
  10 April 2018
8:30 Registration and coffee
9:00 Welcome by Professor Peter Moizer
9:15 Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil (Georgia State University)
10:15 Tea/ coffee
10:30 Teaching effectiveness. Chair: Dr Hinrich Voss (Leeds), panel: Dr Wendy Beekes (Lancaster), Professor Caroline Elliott (Aston), Dr Stefan Kesting (Leeds), Professor Neil Morris (Leeds)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Session 1: Flipped classrooms. Chair: Dr Emilee Simmons (Leeds), speakers: Dr Caroline Fell Kurban (MEF University, Turkey), Matthew Seren Smith (UCL), Dr Sarah Warnes (UCL), Dr Joshua N. Weiss (Harvard)
14:30 Session 2: Pedagogy in cross-cultural settings. Chair: Professor Annie Wei (Leeds), speakers: Dr Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos (Leeds), Professor Piet Pauwels (Hasselt), Dr Simon Sweeney (York)
15:30 Tea/ coffee
15:50 Steve Newell, Director Portakabin Limited
16:10 Academic Content, Textbooks, Collaboration and Resources. Chair: Dr Giles Blackburne, speakers: Professor Peter J Buckley (Leeds), Professor S. Tamer Cavusgil (Georgia State), Professor Pervez Ghauri (Birmingham), Dr Janet Morrison (Sunderland)
17:30 Certificate ceremony and closing
18:00 Close