Brands, Business and BS

This is an event in the Corporate Wisdom Lecture series taking place at Leeds University Business School on 10th May 2018

Fred Burt
Olix Consulting

Brands are valuable business assets, but there is a lot of nonsense written about them. Veteran brand builder Fred Burt shares stories from the front line from his experience with IBM, P&G, AT&T, Mars, Philips, Siemens and many others, and promises to help us sort the fundamentals from the fluff.

Guests should be aware that there will be strong opinions spoken from the start.

Fred Burt has been working with brands for more than 20 years. His career has taken him to all parts of the globe and he has worked with some of the world's biggest brands. He was managing director at Interbrand, the world’s largest and most influential brand consultancy, until 2015 when he left - much to the alarm of his wife and kids - and set up Olix Consulting to get back to basics: "doing great work for great clients”.  

A consultant by training, and an outspoken commentator on anything to do with branding, he currently works with a number of blue chip clients, whilst in his spare time waging war on the pundits of all stripes who think they know what brands are and how they are built…but don’t.

Event format

17:30 Registration in the Business School foyer
18:00 Presentation followed by Q&A in the lecture theatre (G.02)
19:00 Networking and refreshments in the Business School foyer
20:00 Close