Into tomorrow: A research journey from mainstream HRM to green HRM and onto sustainable workforce management

This is an event in the Corporate Social Responsibility series taking place on Friday 16 November 2018

Dr Renwick will discuss his work relating to Green Human Resource Management. He will build upon his reflection that:

"In business and management studies, while human resource management (HRM) plays a mainstream role in facilitating organisational development, it has arguably less concern for wider social and environmental issues. Here, unfettered HRM contributions to enhancing organisational performance and profits within a weak external regulatory framework appear to have led to unethical and exploitative behaviours by various stakeholders emerging (for example by organisations and managers). Such behaviours often produce unexpected, disruptive consequences arising for employees and union groups, including social dislocation an ecological degradation. As such, my research looks to contribute towards an understanding of managing people more sustainably and the role of HRM on society and the environment and ecology."

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About the speaker

Dr Douglas W.S. Renwick

Dr Douglas W.S. Renwick is Associate Professor in Sustainable Workforce Management at Nottingham Business School (NBS), where he undertakes research in Green (environmental) human resource management (HRM), sustainable workforce management and HRM in Brasil.

He is a research leader and mentor to several rising and aspiring academics in HRM & sustainability at NBS, and teaches HRM topics and those linked to building workforce sustainability more widely. Doug was previously on the Faculty of Sheffield Business School as a Reader in HRM, and also as a Lecturer in HRM at both the University of Sheffield (where he gained his PhD), and at the University of Strathclyde, where he began developing his HRM and sustainability related expertise.

Dr Renwick has undertaken empirical research with a number of national and multinational companies in the areas of involving line managers in HR work and green HRM. His most recent research work focuses on investigating factors that may drive forward staff voluntary workplace green behaviours in the BRIC countries and the European Union. Doug has won research awards and prizes including best paper, citation of excellence, UK and Brazilian scholarships and recognition for one of the most downloaded HRM case studies.

Dr Renwick's speaking and consulting engagements include the Engineering Managers Association, Johnson Press, CIPD, and various HRM & management academic bodies globally. Doug is External Examiner in HRM for the Business School of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Shanghai in China, and Visiting Professor at the Institute for Personnel Management at WU, the Vienna University of Economics & Business.

His academic work in the areas of HRM, line managers and green HRM has been published in esteemed journal outlets such as the Annals of Operations Research, British Journal of Management, Industrial Relations Journal, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Management Reviews, Journal of Environmental Management, RAUSP Management Journal and Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Doug has edited four journal collections, most recently on green HRM for The International Journal of Human Resource Management (2016), written a research monograph on HR and line manager work relationships (2010), and edited a research volume on green HRM and sustainability for Routledge (2018).

Dr Renwick is an Editorial Board Member of Employee Relations: The International Journal, and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.