Foreign Exchange Market Regulation and Capital Flows: The Brazilian Experience

This is an event in the Economics Research Seminar series taking place on 21 November 2018

You are invited to a seminar by Lucio Holanda Oliveira from the Brazilian Central Bank, on ‘Foreign Exchange Market Regulation and Capital Flows: The Brazilian Experience.

All welcome! Refreshments will be provided for participants in the seminar. 


The Foreign Exchange regulation in Brazil has experienced a relevant modernisation and streamlining in recent years. Now, in the context of Brazilian accession to OECD, new challenges and opportunities to improve the regulation will take place and must be considered over the coming years. In this presentation will be discussed the key principles of the current Foreign Exchange regulation in Brazil, aspects of OECD’s and IMF’s institutional views on capital flows liberalisation and possibilities for further progress in the regulation.

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About the speaker


Lucio Hellery Holanda Oliveira

Central Bank of Brazil

• Bachelor in Engineering – University of Brasília.

• MBA in Finance – University of Brasília.

• Master Degree in Economics – Catholic University of Brasília.

• Worked in the Central Bank of Brazil since 1998 in the area of Foreign Exchange Market and International Capitals Flows regulation.

• Since 2013 she has been Head of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Division, at the Prudential and Foreign Exchange Regulation Department (Dereg).