Webinar: How you can contribute to a purposeful worldwide

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How You Can Contribute to a Purposeful World

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This webinar will provide an opportunity for attendees to go on a time-travel meditation to see the world we would wish to pass to future generations and then show how the very same world that is in our hearts, has already been committed to by world leaders.

Author, Clive Wilson, will affirm that its delivery should not be left to governments and world leaders. Rather this world is already being delivered by people in all walks of life, some even without realising it. Clive will help us to work out what it is about the future of our world that particularly inspires us, and in what way and how we can all contribute.

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About the speaker

Clive Wilson is director of Primeast, a global Leadership Development Consultancy. He is an experienced international consultant, committed to organisational sustainability, and purposeful leadership. He also chairs the United Nations Association (Harrogate) as an advocate for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He is author of the bestselling books, Designing the purposeful world, (Routledge 2018) and Designing the Purposeful Organization – How to inspire business performance beyond boundaries (Kogan Page 2015).