Bridging the divide between social and technical systems

This seminar is aimed at bringing together researchers from across the University of Leeds who have an interest in the way that people, analytics, data and the accompanying technologies interact. 

What are the ethical issues surrounding the use of data and analytics and how can we study them? 

How can we best utilise the translational capabilities of analytics applications to help practitioners build algorithm familiarity, and help us as researchers understand how people interact with technology? 

What methods can we use to study the interface between messy social spaces and technical design processes with a rigour that provides publishable work in the best journals?

The seminar is co-hosted by Leeds Critical Data Studies Group (LCDSG), Adaptation Information Management and Technology (AIMTech), the Socio-Technical Centre (STC), Corporate Social Responsibility Group (CSR) and the Centre for Decision Research(CDR).

Details on presentations to be announced in due course.

For further information, please contact Christina Phillips at